Applying for a loan is a great consideration because when you lack the financial resources you need to make certain purchases; it can be the best option. You can use loans start a business, purchase property, buy a family car, or simply settle utility bills and other general household expenses.


Since a loan is a debt, with interest, and there are various forms of this debt, being cautious in necessary while applying for a loan. Taking a wrong type of loan is the worst financial decision that you can make. When borrowers commit refund their loans at a specific due date and fail, problems often set in at this stage. They find difficulty managing their resources when they cannot make the monthly repayments because of different reasons. Some find difficulty because they are encountering other problems such as job loss and medical emergencies. The consequence of failure to repay a loan is severe. Nonetheless, it varies depending on the types of loan a person has taken. This is why it is important to work with a reputable team of financial experts to give you credible advice before you apply for a loan.


Are you looking for credible information on loans to save yourself from any form of harassment due to inability to repay your loans? You are in the right place. We are a reputable online team of financial professional that focuses on providing all forms of financial information to the public. Do you want to take a loan and do not know how the Annual Percentage Rate of the loan (APR)? , we are available to help you.


We guarantee to help you calculate APR of various categories of loans. Here are some basic that you should know about loans.


Calculating APR

 It is determining the unit percentage that represents the annual cost of the funds over the term of a loan. It helps you compare the interest rate structure, penalties, and other forms of fees to provide you with a bottom-line number for comparing rates charged by different lenders.


General Types of loans

These are secured loans. They rely on an as collateral meaning when the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can possess the asset to cover the loan. Secured loans have a lower interest rate and APR than many other loan forms.


Equity Release Loans

Equity release schemes are becoming an increasing popular form of retirement mortgage for people over the age of 55. If you are looking for additional income or to capital raise, equity release schemes come with more flexibility then ever & consumer protection. Now fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and with its own recognised trade body - the Equity Release Council.


Personal loans

These are unsecured loans, so if you default on payment, the lender has the rights over your assets. However, the lender can take collection actions such as filing lawsuit and reporting late payments to the credit bureaus. Personal loans are associated with high interest rates.


Secured loans

With any secured loan, the lender must carry out credit checks. Secured loans have lower APRs as they will be secured against your property. Increasing popular as many people wish to leave their main mortgage alone due to low interest rates at present. The secured loan sits just behind this for many looking to borrow for home improvements or business reasons.


Our guarantee is to offer you credible advice. Unlike in the old days when people used to go to the bank to apply for a loan and get a decision, today you can just go online, search for the information, apply and get a decision depending on your credit history.

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